What is a Foetal Ultrasound Scan?

Simply put, a foetal ultrasound (or sonogram), is an imaging technique that uses soundwaves to produce images of your developing baby in the uterus. Typically, it will be used to evaluate how your baby is growing, and generally monitor your pregnancy. Your first ultrasound will usually be done during the first trimester to confirm the pregnancy and estimate how long you’ve been pregnant. This first test is very useful, as it confirms important information about your body and pregnancy that your health professionals can consider as your baby develops.

There are two main types of ultrasound examinations used:


What Are Ultrasound Scans Used For In Early Pregnancy?

Foetal ultrasounds in your first trimester are invaluable for giving your doctors foundational knowledge of both your baby and pregnancy, which they will then build upon as the pregnancy progresses. Your first sonograms will usually be used to evaluate the presence and size of the pregnancy, determine the number of foetuses, and estimate the gestational age of the foetus. It can also be used for early genetic screening, or to discover abnormalities within the uterus, cervix or foetus itself— which might be more difficult to resolve later in the pregnancy. Your health professional might use ultrasound in early pregnancy to:

If your healthcare provider doesn’t suggest an ultrasound, but you’d like the reassurance that one can provide, discuss this so you can work together to determine what’s best for you and your baby.


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